Den Ouden Group ends in top 3 best training company


Family business Den Ouden Groep, from Schijndel, ends in top 3 best training company for MBO students in the Netherlands in the Engineering Built Environment sector.

MBO students follow the practical part of their study at an SBB-recognised training company. Recognised training companies are textbook examples for the industry. By helping students with their training, they are making an important contribution to the future of the craft.

Den Ouden Group has been training MBO students for 30 years. They learn practical and social skills on the company's shop floor. Mrs Marijke Mud (Head of Human Resources at Den Ouden Group) is pleasantly surprise.

Through the election for the best apprenticeship company and the best practical trainer in the Netherlands, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and SBB pay special tribute to the 247,000 accredited training companies and over 300,000 practical trainers for MBO students. Their internships and apprenticeships account, on average, for half of the training time of 500,000 MBO students.

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