Green Roof Substrates

Green Roof Substrate is an important component of a roof garden. The substrate ensures that the desired planting is able to grow on the roof.

The basis of each mixture is the correct nutritional value, for which we look at all the nutrients the plant needs. These can potentially be supplemented with additional fertilisers. The optimally tuned Green Roof Substrates ensure that every layer of vegetation receives appropriate nutrition.  


  • Buffering and delayed draining of rainwater
  • Building isulation
  • Mitigation of heating of the city (Urban Heat Island effect)
  • Reduction of noise pollution
  • Reduction of CO2 footprint
  • Enlarging bio-diversity
  • People feel better in a green environment
  • Green roofs contribute to a green, sustainable appearance
  • A green roof ensures a value increase of buildings and the neighbourhood
  • Extending the lifespan by resolving UV radiation