Soil improvers

Soil improvers are used to improve soil structure and fertility. Soil improvers must be added to the top soil in order for plants to grow better and healthier. The most important function of soil improvers is to improve the quality of the soil structure. This will stimulate soil fertility and allows plants to grow in the best environment. Soil improvers will improve organic matter. Organic matter is worth more than you think!

Our compost is organic compost and consists of 100% plant-based and green waste streams. Compost contains a lot of organic matter and can be used as a soil improver. It improves the soil fertility and stores nutritious substances for plants. It ensures a natural balance and structure of the soil, and allows for a natural development of the water cycle. Compost is also seen as being a part of the cycle of nature: the organic matter of the soil returns as a soil improver for that same soil.

A substrate is an artificial soil for plants, in which plant roots grow. A substrate is essential for the cultivation of healthy horticultural crops. An advantage of a substrate is the controlled release of nutrients, which makes it an excellent fertiliser for plants. A substrate is good subsoil for plants because it improves the stability, drainage and capacity of the soil, which in turn improves the growth and resiliency of the plants.

Substrado® is a registered trademark and is used in various mixtures of Den Ouden.