Collection of Green Residual Flows

den ouden vrachtwagen

The focus of Den Ouden Groenrecycling B.V. is nature itself. Den Ouden specialises in processing green waste into high quality compost. Our main activity is managing the composting process from start to finish. Different types of green waste are processed into biomass and soil improvers (such as compost).

Processing green waste takes place at these locations:

Each year, 450,000 tonnes of green waste streams are processed. This waste consists of grass, trimmings, tree stumps and other organic waste collected from local, regional and national authorities, factories and private households.

We also process green waste streams on location for governmental organisations and (recycling) companies. In addition, we can take care of the sale of compost. If you want to know more about processing green waste, please contact one of our employees.

On receipt, the green waste is carefully checked for contamination. After the removal of any contamination and sand, the green waste is processed into soil improvers or biomass. This process is environmentally friendly and partially automated. The soil improvers are used in greenhouse farming, horticulture, the cultivation of trees and agriculture. Our biomass (wood an grass) is certified under the  Dutch Technical Agreement (‘Nederlands Technische Afspraak’, NTA) 8080, which describes rules and regulations for the production of durable biomass. A variety of products can be obtained during the recycling process.

Green waste collection policy

Naturally, we make high demands upon the production and output of our soil improvers. To ensure the best quality, we sort green waste streams at the very beginning of the process. 

Click here for our policy concerning the collection of your green waste. (pag. 8-11)

If you want to know more about recycling green waste, please do not hesitate to contact Den Ouden Groep.