Den Ouden Contracting Firm primarily focussed on simple road construction. In the last 25 years, our firm has moved on from managing building and dumping sites to more complex works, such as preparing sites for construction and housing and soil remediation. Especially during the last 15 years, the execution of large-scale reconstruction projects has expanded enormously. Because of this, infrastructure has become a major component of the firm.

The current main focus of Den Ouden Contracting Firm are large-scale redevelopment projects, with an average contract price of 2 million Euros. This may include soil remediation and/or UXO clearance. Expertise, quality and creativity make Den Ouden a capable partner for infrastructural and engineering projects. We distinguish ourselves from our competitors with our personal approach to each project.

Our goal is to unburden our clients by offering a complete package that encompasses the entire project.  From the first phase and the design to construction, management and eventually exploitation, Den Ouden will support you. We want to be a professional, customer-oriented, transparent, reliable and creative partner for your infrastructural projects.

Our infra activities include: