11 Aug
In early August 2017, Den Ouden Groep has sponsored the hardening of the new wheelchair path in the Strabrechtse Heide.
26 Jul
Den Ouden Groep has made its entire electricity consumption more sustainable and will get all of its energy from the production of electricity based on Dutch Biomass in 2017 and 2018.
26 Jul
Den Ouden Groep has met the requirements for Level 3 on the PSO performance ladder for another period of two years.



A simple word that means a lot to Den Ouden Groep.​

Den Ouden Groep is an international and service orientated family company with approximately 200 employees. They think highly of sustainability, biobased economy and cradle to cradle. Den Ouden Groep is working daily on innovative solutions, corporate social responsibility and COreduction. For example, Den Ouden Groep is certified at level five of the COperformance ladder and PSO step 3.

Den Ouden Groep carries out soil improvers, biofuels, soil fertilization, soil safety, urban redevelopment and concrete construction. The products and services of Den Ouden Groep will help the world to stay healthy, fertile and liveable.


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