We distinguish ourselves with CSR because we are socially committed to our staff, but also to the people in the area. Our employees are our capital and our environment is our right to exist. We work on a better world, day after day:

  • Processing (organic) residual flows into high-quality products, such as biofuels and soil improvers. 
  • Remediating contaminated land and water soil. 
  • Economically handling energy and raw materials, annual CO2 reduction of 2%.
  • If someone may end up in the Sickness Benefits Act (for a longer period), appropriate work is found.
  • We always try to relocate people within the company when someone is not in the right place.
  • CO2 awareness certificate; we contribute to a more sustainable world because we reduce as much of our CO2 emissions as possible.
  • NTA 8080 certificate; we show that we produce, process, trade, and use biomass for energy generation in a sustainable way.
  • All electricity we consume is produced based on Dutch Biomass.
  • Combating deterioration of the soil by delivering and advising in the field of soil improvers and organic fertilizers.