Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Den Ouden Group is working on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on a daily basis. We are committed to people and the environment. Our employees are our greatest capital and the environment gives us our right to exist. Through our Biobased products and cradle-to-cradle projects, we aim to stop impoverishment of the soil and the exhaustion of our energy sources. We initiate the development of projects that facilitate the sector in CO₂ reduction. We all have a responsibility to pass on a healthy planet to the next generation.

A selection from our CSR policy:

  • We process green waste streams into sustainable and high-quality products such as biomass and soil enhancers.
  • We use part of the green residual streams for other products. For example, pruning waste from yew trees that can then be used as a basic ingredient for treatment against cancer.
  • All of the electricity we use ourselves is produced on the basis of Dutch biomass. Our office spaces run on 98% of this green electricity.
  • We use energy and raw materials carefully. We are aiming for a CO2 reduction of 4% in five years. We have been certified step 5 on the CO2 performance ladder.
  • Our machines are fuel-saving and we also use Adblue. This substance converts the harmful NOx in the exhaust gases from our diesel vehicles into harmless nitrogen and water vapour. When purchasing new equipment, we look at the electrical or hybrid options.
  • We clean up multiple polluted land and water bases per year. This way we ensure that the environment is safe for the wellbeing of people and animals.
  • Every year we invest 3% in Social Return on Investment (SROI).We offer people struggling on the labour market a place in our organisation. This puts us on the third step of the Performance Ladder for Social Enterprise (PSO).
  • Sick leave within Den Ouden Group is 1.87%. According to statistics from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) sick leave in the construction sector averages 3.6%. When an employee is unavailable or is in danger of getting stuck in the Sickness Benefits Act, we try to find a suitable position within our company.