Organisational structure


Den Ouden Groep is the parent company of several subsidiary companies. The following underlying operating companies of Den Ouden Groep B.V.:

Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf B.V.

Design, execution and maintenance of works in the field of civil & engineering and land & water management. Design and execution of soil remediation. Design, construction and maintenance of liquid-tight concrete surfacing. Execution of environmental supervision.

Bodac B.V.

Performing historical preliminary surveys, project-related risk analyses and detection of conventional explosives. Supporting the clearance/destruction of conventional explosives within territorial boundaries. Clearing/destruction of conventional explosives outside territorial boundaries. Detection of aircraft wrecks and support in salvage operations. Carrying out archaeological services.

Den Ouden Groenrecycling B.V.

Collection and processing of organic waste streams into soil improvers, ground cover and biofuels.  

Ferm O Feed B.V.

Production and storage of organic fertilizer pellets. Trading and transport of organic manure products and additives. 

Den Ouden Materieel B.V.

Acquisition, management and rental of machinery, equipment and personnel for the execution of the activities of the group's operating companies.