Organisational structure


Den Ouden Groep is the parent company of several subsidiary companies. Every subsidiary company has its own specialty.

Den Ouden Contracting Firm

This company is specialised in infrastructural design, both on land and in the water. Combining civil,  agricultural and hydraulic engineering, this company can perform a wide variety of tasks, from soil decontamination to the construction of concrete roads.

Bodac B.V.

This company is specialised in the detection and clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO). It is also experienced in salvaging aircraft from WWII as well as other soil decontamination activities.

Den Ouden Groenrecycling B.V.

This company is specialised in collecting and recycling 450,000 tons of green waste into soil improvers, groundcovers and biomass.

Ferm O Feed B.V.

This company produces and distributes solid and liquid fertilisers to over 65 countries worldwide.

Den Ouden Regionaal Overslagcentrum B.V.

At the industrial site BZOB in Helmond, solid and liquid substances can be stored. Liquids can be stored in tanks ranging in size from 5,600m³ to 10,000m³. The total storage capacity for liquid and solid substances is approximately 200.000 m³.

Den Ouden Materieel B.V.

This company supports the other companies by providing all the necessary personnel and equipment.