Mission and Vision statement


DEN OUDEN GROEP is an international and strong service-oriented family business with approx. 200 employees, with a high priority for sustainability, BioBased economy, and cradle to cradle. We provide worldwide services in the field of soil improvers, biofuels, soil Fertilizer, soil safety, urban refurbishment, and conrete construction. 


DEN OUDEN GROEP works on innovative solutions, corporate social responsibility, and COreduction on a daily basis. With our products and services, we want to help keep our world healty, fertile, and liveable. 

We specialise in:

  • The design, construction and maintenance of engineering projects, concrete roads and soil remediation
  • UXO clearance, historical research, risk analysis, archaeology and advice (Bodac)
  • The production of soil improvers and biomass in various locations throughout the Netherlands
  • Worldwide export of organic fertilisers, liquid fertilisers and substrates (Ferm-O-Feed)