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Our dealer in the Utrecht area is Garden Centre Werkhoven. Garden Centre Werkhoven supplies soil improvers to gardeners and private individuals. It provides the following products:

  • Substrado® Potting soil
  • Natural Compost
  • Garden Peat

The Garden Centre also has a wide range of flowers and shrubs, ornamental paving, sand and durable wood for outdoor use. In short: everything you might need for a beautiful garden.

This rural garden centre specialises in different aspects of gardening. It is an excellent location for gardening activities, such as workshops and a fair in autumn. 


Tuincentrum Werkhoven

Achterdijk 62
3985 LB Werkhoven
T. 0343 - 551575
F. 0343 - 551468
E. info@tuincentrum-werkhoven.nl