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Co-operation Afvalzorg & Den Ouden VOF

United under the name ‘Combinatie Afvalzorg & Den Ouden VOF’ the waste management company ‘Afvalzorg’ and ‘Den Ouden Groep’ collaborate in the green waste market in Zuid-Limburg. On the Afvalzorg locations Brunssum and Belvédère Maastricht green residual flows are collected, and bio-fuels and soil improvers are produced. In addition, we are only happy to help you if you need chipping or chopping up on one of your projects.

The following products, and more, are available:

About Afvalzorg (‘waste-care’)                  

With 11 operational locations in the Netherlands, Afvalzorg has lots of experience in and know-how on the processing of residual flows and soil flows, which renders it an excellent partner. Find more information on the website www.afvalzorg.nl or send an e-mail to info@afvalzorg.nl.


Guido Schepersg.schepers@afvalzorg.nl 

  • Collection of various industrial waste flows, soil flows, and green waste. Purchase of secondary building material and soil products
  • Outbound products at small companies (particularly granular flows, etc.)
  • Region: Limburg

Anke Sweere, a.sweere@denoudengroep.com

  • Inname groene reststromen
  • Regio: België

Koen van Esch, k.vanesch@denoudengroep.com  

  • Inname groene reststromen
  • Regio: Duitsland

Dayenne van Overdijk, d.vanoverdijk@denoudengroep.com

  • Bodemverbeteraars en bomenvoeding (cultuur- en civieltechnisch)
  • Regio: NL, Euroregio

Joris van der Hijdenj.vanderhijden@denoudengroep.com

  • Bodemverbeteraars en compostproducten
  • Regio: NL, Euroregio


Locatie Parkstad Brunssum
Waubacherweg 11
6442 PW Brunssum
T. +31 (0)88-801 07 07
E. denouden@afvalzorg.nl

Locatie Belvédère Maastricht
Industrieweg 4
6219 NR Maastricht
T. +31 (0)88-801 07 70
E. denouden@afvalzorg.nl