First Best Value project signed

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The agreement of the first Best Value project ‘Rioolvervanging onderlangs dijken in Lage Zwaluwe, gemeente Drimmelen’ was signed during the Award meeting dated 21 July 2017.

As a team (both contractor and client), we have certainly met the expectations (from the review) of the client as ‘expert’ in the various specialisations so far. We were also able to include our client (and their advisors) in the acceleration needed to make this project a success.

The core of Lage Zwaluwe is located in the north-western part of the municipality of Drimmelen. Part of this core is a ribbon development on a dyke. This includes, among others, the Nieuwlandsedijk, the Kerkstraat, the Dorpsstraat, the Loonsedijk, the Gaete, and the Molendijk. At the (northern and partially southern) ends of these dykes is a free-range sewer with a diameter of 300 to 500 mm that is part of the municipal waste water system. The collection and transportation of wastewater flows through this sewer as part of the total waste water system in this core, and because this must be assured, the municipality of Drimmelen intends to have this pipeline replaced and/or renovated. 

The municipality of Drimmelen has chosen to place the assignment onto the market with a strong qualitative character and for a target group as wide as possible. In order to be able to contract the best performer, a procedure has been chosen in which the principles of the Best Value (BV) methodology, or the performance purchase, are applied. The Best Value approach is an approach that is based on getting the most value for the lowest price.