Co-operation Afvalzorg & Den Ouden VOF


United under the name ‘Combinatie Afvalzorg & Den Ouden VOF’ the waste management company ‘Afvalzorg’ and ‘Den Ouden Groep’ collaborate in the green waste market in Zuid-Limburg.

On the Afvalzorg locations Brunssum and Belvédère Maastricht green residual flows are collected, and bio-fuels and soil improvers are produced. In addition, we are only happy to help you if you need chipping or chopping up on one of your projects.

About Afvalzorg (‘waste-care’)                  

With 11 operational locations in the Netherlands, Afvalzorg has lots of experience in and know-how on the processing of residual flows and soil flows, which renders it an excellent partner. Find more information on the website or send an e-mail to