Den Ouden Groep again certified at PSO level 3

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Den Ouden Groep has met the requirements for Level 3 on the PSO performance ladder for another period of two years.

We have been a PSO-certified company since 9 July 2015. The Performance Ladder Social Entrepreneurship (PSO) quality label not only shows that Den Ouden Groep supports people with a vulnerable labour market position, but also offers them a place within our own business.

Companies certified at level 3 are among the pioneers in the field of social entrepreneurship and meet the qualitative requirements regarding appropriate work, integration, functioning & development, and guidance. Den Ouden considers social entrepreneurship self-evident: people with a distance to the labour market have a place on our work floor.

The certificate was also obtained for business units Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf B.V., Den Ouden Materieel B.V., Den Ouden Groenrecycling B.V., Ferm O Feed B.V., and Bodac B.V. 

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