Den Ouden Groep sponsors wheelchair path hardening


In early August 2017, Den Ouden Groep has sponsored the hardening of the new wheelchair path in the Strabrechtse Heide.

The hardening of the wheelchair path is made up of a foundation layer and a top layer. The foundation layer is sponsored by Den Ouden Groep and consists of volcanic natural stone (Porphyry). The top layer consists of Grauwacke split and is sponsored by De Beijer. The two metre wide wheelchair path has a length of 375 metres and is located at De Plaetse in Heeze, on the edge of the Strabrechtse Heide. It is a unique place with many activities.

The Province has formulated a policy objective to make nature more accessible to people with disabilities. The Strabrechtse Heide is not always properly accessible to wheelchairs. In order to allow everyone to enjoy this beautiful nature, a wheelchair path has now been created, where you will not be bothered by other heath visitors. Together with Staatsbosbeheer and IVN Heeze-Leende, they searched for sponsors for the realisation of this wheelchair path. With the help of Den Ouden Groep, among others, this was successful, and people with disabilities can now better enjoy nature.

Click here for the video of the realisation.