Den Ouden Groep reaches level 5 on the CO2 performance ladder

co2 prestatieladder

As of now, Den Ouden Groep is certified at level 5 of the CO2-Performance ladder, which is the highest position.

This shows that we, as a company, consciously address CO2 emissions and that our organisation focuses on it. The CO2-conscious certificate level 5 is in accordance with the CO2-Performance ladder manual, version 3.0 and pertains to all Den Ouden Groep business units. Den Ouden Groep was already certified at level 3.

The CO2-Performance ladder is an instrument to stimulate companies, participating in tenders, to act CO2-consciously, in their own management and while implementing projects. A higher score on the ladder will be rewarded with tangible benefits in the tender process. This mainly concerns energy savings, efficient use of materials and the use of sustainable energy.

Den Ouden Groep is very proud of obtaining the CO2-conscious certificate level 5, and wishes to thank all of those involved in making this achievement possible.