Oosterhout Composting facility in the hands of Den Ouden Group

Den Ouden neemt compostering Oosterhout over

Family business Den Ouden Groep from Schijndel has taken over composting for De Hillen at the Statendamweg in Oosterhout.

The municipality of Oosterhout has chosen to contract a composting specialist. The process is currently not being fully utilised. A specialised company has more knowledge, knows exactly what the market demands and is therefore capable of responding to it. In commissioning the composting facility, the municipality of Oosterhout is also able to implement the objectives set out in the framework of the local environmental and raw materials policy.

Businesses and private individuals

In the process of commissioning the composting facility, a European Public Tender was conducted. Den Ouden Groenrecycling BV has been granted the contract, due to displaying the best price-quality score. Companies can therefore hand over their green waste to Den Ouden, at a price. Nothing changes for individuals: they can go to the environmental centre in Oosterhout, free of charge. Den Ouden will also continue to organise the annual composting for residents from Geertruidenberg and Oosterhout. Inhabitants will be able to collect compost for free at the composting facility.


Composting facility De Hillen spans an area of approximately 1.70 ha. Den Ouden has a number of plans for the location. For example, the energy required will largely consist of green energy. Den Ouden aims to have made the location completely energy neutral by 2025. Den Ouden also plans to optimise the production processes in order to ensure the highest possible yield from green waste.

The new location will be called Den Ouden location Midden-Brabant.