Pruning-wood chips

Average composition 

Size 20-100 mm
Dry matter 45-75%
Ash < 5%
Heating Value 9.000 kJ / kg

Pruning-wood Chips (wood chips) are made of leftovers from pruned/pollarded trees. The leftovers are then chippered by a wood-chipper. Pruning-wood Chips can be used for generating energy or heat, for example in biomass plants. In addition, Pruning-wood Chips can be used as bio-materials or ground cover. 


  • Environmental sound processing method
  • Continuously available
  • Homogeneous quality
  • Produced CO2-neutral
  • Contributes to CO2-reduction

Areas of application 

  • Wood and chipboard industry
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Sustainable packaging materials (paper and cardboard)
  • Clothing industry
  • Power plants
  • Company heaters
  • Wood stoves