BioBased prototypes


Our soil is deteriorating and fossil fuels and energy sources will be exhausted in the short term. We are all responsible for this happening, but together, we can also achieve the turnaround. A new approach is necessary, because we have the responsibility to leave the next generation with a vibrant planet. In order to increase our value in this field, we will heavily invest in the production and delivery of BioBased products in the coming years.

The BioBased prototypes are produced on the basis of (bio)polymer and (agricultural) residual flows such as (roadside) grass, natural grass, natural fibres, aquatic plants, bell pepper/tomato stems, and sugar beet pulp that are normally composted.

Biomass as a Bio(Based) raw material is a very environmentally friendly choice: renewable and virtually CO2 neutral. Bio(Based) raw materials are available as wood and grass fibres (optionally in pallet form), but also as Aand B-wood in various fractions. The collected wood can be used, with or without intermediate processing, as a Bio(Based) raw material in, for instance, the chipboard industry. This way, we give biomass a second life, so that the industry has to cut less trees. This raw material is sufficiently available yearround!

The BioBased prototypes made of grass fibres which we produce and market with PaperWise and Millvision are:

  • Garden bench
  • Grid/fencing
  • Copying and letter paper