BioBased prototypes


Our soil is degrading and fossil fuels and energy sources will shortly be exhausted. Together we are responsible for this situation, but together we can also turn it around. A new approach is required, because we have a responsibility to pass a viable earth on to the next generation. To improve our own contributing value, in the coming years we will make significant investments in the production and supply of BioBased prototypes.  

The BioBased prototypes are based on (bio)polymer and (agro-)waste flows, such as (roadside) grass, natural grass, natural fibres, water plants, pepper/tomato stalks, and sugar beets pulp, which is normally turned into yeast or composted.  

Biomass is, as a Bio(Based) material, a very environmentally friendly choice: renewable and practically CO2-neutral. Bio(Based) materials can be supplied as wood and grass fibres (whether or not in pellet form), but also as A and B-wood in various fractions. The collected wood can, in most cases, with or without intermediate steps, be used as Bio(Based) material in, for example, the particle board industry. This way we give biomass a second life, so that less trees get cut down by the industry. There is plenty of annual supply of this material! 

We produce and market the following BioBased prototypes together with PaperWise and Millvision

  • Garden bench
  • Fences
  • Copying and letter paper

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