Biofilter materials

Biofilter material (also called just biofilter) is a collective name for those organic products that are successfully used in air purification installations where 'odour' is concerned. Our society sets high demands for our living environment. This concerns odour, air purification, and other harmful substances. We are manufacturers of biofilter material for organic odour treatment in a specific mixing ratio, or in different layers. The air to be purified is forced through the biofilter material, where mirco-organisms remove undesirable odours. 

In the production of biofilter material, the focus is on a large contact-surface at as low an air-resistance as possible. The biofilter material should be neither too fine nor too coarse, the air should be evenly divided over the filter. We supply biofilter material made of, among other things, torn root-wood and tree bark. 

But also mixtures, or other customer-specific biofilter materials, can be made 'to measure' by us. The different products can be used individually or in any combination, to create the best possible result in any specific situation. Because we work together with permanent partners, we can also install the entire biofilter installation for you.


  • High density
  • Good water retention capacity
  • Large surface for micro-organisms
  • Good balanced supply of nutrients
  • Low filter resistance
  • Good absorbent properties
  • Tool life up to 5 years possible

Areas of application 

  • Biofilters

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