Average composition

  Root Wood               

40-80 mm                                   

40-250 mm

40-400 mm

Density   -
Moisture  < 40%


Custom made on demand

Biofiltermaterial is a collective name for products of organic origin. These are successfully applied in installations to purify the air with regard to ‘odours’. We supply biofiltermaterial of for instance; stripped root wood, French or local bark, logwood chips, coconut, chunks, potentially mixed with peat and heather. But also mixtures of other client-specific biofiltermaterials are ‘customised’ by us. The various products can be used on their own, but also in combination with one another, to best attune to the specific situation. Within the production of biofiltermaterial, attention is paid to a large contact surface and an air resistance that is as low as possible.


  • High density
  • Good water retaining capacity
  • Large surface for micro-organisms
  • Good balanced supply of nutrients
  • Low filter resistance
  • Good absorbing qualities
  • Longevity

Areas of application

  • Bio filters

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