Biofuels are used for energy generation. It is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Of course, biofuels are free of pollution and available in various forms and gradations. We can deliver under NTA-8080 certification, which guarantees a sustainable origin of the wood. Suitable flows are selected by means of an accurately monitored collection process. The trimmings are separated from the other green flows and freed of pollution. Subsequently, the trimmings can be chipped or reduced into the fraction desired by the customer.

Energetic applications for waste wood (Grade A and B) are combustion in a biomass plant, district heating and (industrial) heating applications with biomass for the generation of electricity and heat. It is also added in waste incineration plants, in order to the regulate the combustion process.


  • Environmentally friendly processing method
  • Continually available
  • Homogenous quality
  • Produced CO₂-Neutral
  • Contributes to CO₂-reduction

Areas of application

  • Electricity plants
  • Company heaters
  • Wood heaters

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