Substrado® Granulate

Average composition

Density open dry material  700-800 kg/m3
Grain size 0/8
Grain shape square
Certificates NV Bouwstof (freely useable)
CBR-value 30-40%
Maximum proctor density 900-1000 kg/m3

Substrado® Granulate is a mixture of various granulates and is very suitable as a foundation layer in road constructions and as light elevating material in setting-sensitive areas. It is an environmentally friendly, light and sustainable product. It is not a mineral, but a composite product on the basis of secondary resources. With a volume weight of ca. 700-800 kg/m3 (loosely poured) it is a good alternative to pumice stone.


  • Secondary resources
  • Good water permeability
  • Good capacity
  • An environmentally friendly product
  • Freely applicable in accordance to Soil Quality Decree
  • Good alternative to bims

Areas of application

  • Civil and land development
  • Roads and foundations on a basis with little supporting power
  • Additive to sewage pipes

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