Green Roof Substrate Extensive


Average composition

Extensive Basic Premium
Dry weight 1110 kg/EN m3

420 kg/EN m3

Saturated weight 1560 kg/EN m3 850 kg/EN m3
Pore volume  56 % v/v 83 % v/v
Max. water capacity 46 % v/v 43 % v/v
Water permeability 21,9 mm/min 9,8 mm/min
pH 6,2 6,8
EC 14 mS/m 49 mS/m
daktuin extensief

Green Roof Substrate Extensive is the substrate layer for extensive planting. Extensive green roofs are constructed of a substrate layer and a Sedum plantation (possibly supplemented with herbs and grasses). Sedum planting is exceptionally suitable for a roof, because these plants can store a lot of water, allowing them to cope with extended periods of drought. Thus a substrate layer of 50 to 150 mm will suffice, reducing the combined weight of the roof garden construction. Our roof garden substrate is certified and accompanied by the required laboratory analyses. Additionally, the substrate is suitable for export inside and outside Europe. We also offer the option of producing a customised roof garden substrate composition to your desired specification. Our production location is roofed, allowing us to consistently supply high- quality roof garden substrate. We can supply our roof garden substrates bagged, in bigbags, bulk, or blown, to your roof.


  • Buffering and delayed draining of rainwater
  • Clean and free of weed
  • Optimal pore volume
  • Sufficient buffering of nutrients