Green Roof Substrate Intensive

Average composition

Intensive Basic Premium
Dry weight 1090 kg/EN m3 420 kg/EN m3
Saturated weight 1590 kg/EN m3 950 kg/EN m3
Pore volume  56 % v/v 82 % v/v
Max. water capacity 51 % v/v 54 % v/v
Water permeability 11,5 mm/min 11,1 mm/min
pH 6,2 6,6
EC 16 mS/m 14 mS/m

Green Roof Substrate Intensive is the breeding ground for intensive planting. Intensive green roofs are constructed of a thicker substrate layer and greater plant diversity, such as trees, shrubs, perennials, and flower bulbs. In case of a semi-intensive roof garden, a substrate layer of about 150 mm is usually applied. For intensive roof gardens a thicker substrate layer of 150 to 700 mm is applied. For larger trees, a substrate layer of more than 700 mm is often required to provide appropriate rainwater buffering and anchoring of the tree.

Our Green Roof Substrate is certified and accompanied by the required laboratory analyses. Additionally, the substrate is suitable for export inside and outside Europe. We also offer the option of producing a customised Green Roof Substrate composition to your desired specification. Our production location is roofed, allowing us to consistently supply high-quality Green Roof Substrate. We can supply our Green Roof Substrate bagged, in big-bags, bulk, or blown, to your roof.


  • Buffering and delayed draining of rainwater
  • Clean and free of weed
  • Optimal pore volume
  • High organic matter for nutrient- and buffer capacity
  • High water capacity with good water permeability