Green Roof Substrate Sedum Cultivation

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Average composition 

Sedum Cultivation Peat Tray
Dry weight 860 kg/EN m3 820 kg/EN m3
Saturated weight 1440 kg/EN m3 1280 kg/EN m3
Pore volume 63 % v/v 67 % v/v
Max. water capacity 61 % v/v 47 % v/v
Water permeability 3,3 mm/min 2,8 mm/min
pH 6,1 5,9
EC 28 mS/m 51 mS/m
Daktuinsubstraat Sedumteelt

Specifically for the cultivation of Sedum, we offer two types of substrate; Sedum cultivation peat, and Sedum cultivation tray. The substrate Sedum cultivation peat is made for the cultivation of the Sedum mats. This substrate contains a high number of organic particles from the added high-quality RHP compost. This results in a higher and prolonged nutrition supply for the planting. The substrate Sedum cultivation tray is made for the cultivation of Sedum in trays, also known as clayettes. A thicker layer of substrate is applied here, which afterwards is placed onto the roof in its entirety, without additional substrate. The density when saturated is important in this process.


• Clean and free of weed
• High organic matter content for nutrient- and buffer capacity
• Good water capacity with optimum water permeability