French Bark (Pinus Maritima)

Average composition

Measurement (average) 20-40 mm
Layer thickness 50-100 mm thick (weed repellent min. 100 mm)
Free falling height < 3.000 mm

French bark (Pinus Maritima) is also called decorative bark, because of its beautiful terracottabrown color. French bark is a high quality bark which is much more durable than other types of tree bark (approximately 4 to 6 years). The higher purchase price of French bark will easily be recovered. The choice of French bark means less topping up and maintenance and is a decorative addition to any garden.


  • Weed repellent
  • Protects against frost
  • Soil disinfectant
  • Prevents dehydration of the soil
  • 100% natural ground cover
  • Stability increasing layer because of its hard and solid structure
  • Nice colour (dark brown/terracotta)
  • Decomposes very slowly, lasts 4-6 years

Areas of application

  • Gardens, walking paths
  • Around trees, shrubs and set plants
  • Playgrounds (fall protection)
  • Nursery gardens

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