den ouden lava

Lava is the substance created during the eruption of a volcano and is the most fertile ground there is! In the soil, there is often a lack of sulphur, zinc, selenium, copper and cobalt, but with the use of Lava these deficiencies are replenished and as such it is a very suitable soil improver. Lava functions as a nutrients binder and an ion exchanger in the complex system of the exchange of nutrients between the soil and the plant roots. Lava grains are very light and porous, very suitable for potting soil or as a ground improver. The product lightens heavy soil in a special way for many years. Lava ensures better drainage. Lava is suitable for application in civil engineering and land development and is available in various gradations.


  • Good water permeability and retaining capacity
  • Never a rotten mulch layer
  • Purifying capacity (filter)
  • Dynamic
  • Frost protection
  • Sound reducing
  • Conforms to German FFL-guidelines

Areas of application

  • Civil engineering and land development
  • Infiltration provisions (16-32)
  • Farming and horticulture
  • Sports fields (0-16)
  • Golf courts
  • Playgrounds
  • (Riding) Stables

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