Lime compost

Average composition

Dry matter 65-75%
Organic matter 20-30%
Nitrogen 4,0-5,0 kg/ton d.s.
Phosphate 4,0-5,5 kg/ton d.s.
Potassium oxide 3,0-4,0 kg/ton d.s.
Magnesium oxide 1,0-1,5 kg/ton d.s.
pH 7,0-8,0
EC 0,5-1,5 mS/cm

Lime compost is a green compost with added lime. Thanks to the development of this, you can save one operation. In addition, working on soil fertility has become much easier.

In practice, we see that many sandy soils are too acidic (too low pH) and regularly need lime maintenance. This lime is often forgotten or not done due to the cost. After the corn harvest, many lots are empty, which is the ideal moment to spread your lime compost. Based on your soil sample, you can (or in consultation with us) accurately determine how many neutralising units need to be added to your lot.

In addition to the lime effect, this compost also provides main and trace elements, stable organic matter, and food for the soil life. Thanks to the 50% exemption on phosphate and 90% exemption on nitrogen, lime compost is a perfect fit for your fertilisation plan.


  • Saving additional operation and costs
  • Ideal for your fertilisation plan
  • Neutralising effect (pH)
  • Provides a lot of nutrition

Areas of application

  • Agriculture
  • Arable farming
  • Horticulture

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