Composted Woodchips

Average composition

Dry substance 50-60%
Organic substance 75-85%
Nitrogen 2,5-5,0 kg/ton DM
Phosphate 1,0-2,0 kg/ton DM
Potassium oxide 2,0-5,0 kg/ton DM
Magnesium oxide 0,5-2,0 kg/ton DM
pH 7,0-7,5
EC 1,1-2,0 mS/cm

Composted Woodchips are pieces of wood suitable to mix into heavy soils to gain structure. Because the wood is composted and hygienised, soft material as bark and twigs disappears. Composted wood chips are sieved to 15-50mm and are therefore very suitable for long term structure improvement of the soil. This fraction is also used for paths intensively walked on. For riding paths in for instance fruit cultivation we customise larger Woodchips.


  • Structure improvement
  • Prevents compaction
  • Recycled product
  • Mechanically distributable and easy to use

Areas of application

  • In heavy soils as structure improvement
  • Walking paths
  • Riding paths

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