rhp compost
rhp compost

RHP-Compost is the highest quality compost available in the market. RHP is the certificate for substrates (soil) and substrate resources. This certificate represents not only the high quality of the end product, but also of the resources and the production process. As such, an end product of a constant high quality is created. Therefore, it is evident that this compost should be free of weeds and pathogens such as detrimental nematodes. Moreover, the ripeness of the compost is guaranteed and is measured by means of the respiration value. RHP-Compost is available at our location in Haps.


  • Guarantee of ripeness
  • Free of weed seeds and pathogens
  • Uniform product throughout the years
  • Large proportion of organic substance
  • Better nutritional value than peat
  • Available in various fractions
  • Respiration value < 15mmol O2/kg o.s./hour

Areas of application

  • Mix in soil as partial peat replacement
  • Sprinkle on borders
  • Improve structure of heavy soils

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