Substrado® Fruit crops

Average composition

Dry substance 55-65%
Organic substance 45-55%
Nitrogen 5,0-8,0 kg/ton DM
Phosphate 1,5-3,0 kg/ton DM
Potassium oxide 3,0-4,0 kg/ton DM
Magnesium oxide 2,0-3,0 kg/ton DM
pH 5,0-6,5
EC 0,5-1,5 mS/cm

Substrado® Fruit Crops is a stable and homogenous growth medium that stimulates the roots of your fruit plants. By adding humane and fulvine acids the old root rests are actively broken down wich makes the new growths develop better. With a balanced supply of nutrients, the special recipe ensures a rapid and equal growth of your plants.
Substrado® Fruit Crops is composed of natural compost, garden peat, perlite, coconut and various additives. We can customise the product to fit your needs for an optimal result.


  • More rapid development of new growth
  • Stimulates root growth
  • Easy growth because of light structure
  • Economic because of quick applicability
  • Stimulates equal growth

Areas of application

  • Fruit crops new growths
  • Fruit crops regrowth

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