Substrado® Vulkacompost

Average composition

Dry substance 50-60%
Organic substance 20-35%
Nitrogen 6,5-8,0 kg/ton DM
Phosphate 4,0-5,0 kg/ton DM
Potassium oxide 7,0-8,5 kg/ton DM
Magnesium oxide 2,5-3,5 kg/ton DM
pH 6,5-8,0
EC 0,5-1,5 mS/cm

With Substrado® Vulkacompost it is possible to loosen compacted soil easily. Substrado® Vulkacompost is produced of volcanic clay material which has been heated (perlite).
A heated mineral is not subject to digestion, and consequently the open structure is guaranteed for a longer period of time. Because of this open structure, the air can enter the soil quickly and water can be drained more easily.


  • Easy to process because of the light structure
  • Provides nutrients over a longer period of time
  • Large fluid and nutrient buffer
  • Because of the light minerals the structure of the soil remains open for a longer period of time

Areas of application

  • Agriculture and horticulture companies to improve the soil
  • Culture technical works to upgrade grounds

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