RIWI® Tree Substrate

riwi boomsubstraat
RIWI boomsubstraat

RIWI® Tree substrate is very suitable as a planting space improver for trees in heavily burdened areas such as car parks and roads. The substrate solidifies the ground, but because of the presence of a kind of soil guard the pressure can be absorbed and divided, so that trees can grow well.
It is composed of various products, such as lava stones. Consequently, an optimal grow situation for tree roots is guaranteed with regard to root growth, air supply, capillary function and water absorbing capacity. Here, the tree substrate maintains sufficient capacity (CBR>50%) to guarantee long term robustness.


  • Large supporting power/compressable
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Sufficient space for root growth
  • Plantable immediately
  • No additional fertilisation necessary
  • In accordance with the demands of the Soil Quality Decree
  • Developed in accordance with German FLL guidelines
  • In accordance with the demands for stone mixtures under road surfaces (RAW regulations)
  • Is produced under manufacturer-own declaration

Areas of application

  • Trees in urban areas
  • Civil and land development works
  • Under pavement/asphalt heavily burdened or not

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