Substrado® BBV

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substrado bbv

Substrado® BBV is made of peat, natural compost, perlite and biological additives. It makes for a soil that is rich in fungi and vegetable mould. This substrate improves the growth of trees and is cheaper and easier to use than, for example, tree sand. You only have to mix the Substrado® BBV with the soil that is already there and everything will sort itself out. Naturally, we will analyse the soil beforehand, so that we can give accurate advice about the proportion that needs to be mixed.


  • Improves the water retaining ability of the soil
  • Improves processability
  • Raises the levels of oxygen in the soil
  • Prevents soaking
  • More effective space for roots per m³

Areas of application

  • In open areas and underneath hardened surfaces
  • Plant beds
  • Roadsides
  • Pavements
  • Car parks
  • Residential areas

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