Substrado® Sandwich

substrado fruitteelt

Substrado® Sandwich is a finely sieved nutritious substrate that can be swept into crates when building a sandwich construction. The tree crates ensure the correct pressure division underneath the pavement. Underneath the sandwich crates often Tree Sand is incorporated. In time the nutrients will seep through the tree sand and a second ground level is created where the root is blocked. More than 60% of Substrado® Sandwich consists of stable organic products such as garden peat, coconut and well ripened RHP-compost. Because of the combination of the correct organic components and minerals, a substrate is created that provides nutrients for years. We sieve the substrate extra finely with a special star sieve, to provide a beautifully rough product so spaces can be easily filled with the substrate.


  • Easy to sweep because of the fine sieve fraction
  • Provides nutrients over a longer period of time
  • Large water and nutrient buffer
  • No increased oxygen extraction because of the use of stable organic substance

Areas of application

  • Tree crates

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