Substrado® Tree Bunker

zand storten
substrado boombunker

Substrado® Tree bunker is a finely sieved and nutritious substrate, which can be easily swept into the small spaces of a tree bunker construction. In a tree bunker, the synthetic construction ensures solidity and the tree bunker substrate ensures nutrition. The stable organic substance ensures a long term provision of food for little to no oxygen extraction from the soil. More than 40% of Substrado® Tree bunker consists of stable organic products such as garden peat, coconut and well ripened RHP-Compost. Because of the combination of the correct organic parts and minerals, a light and balanced end product is created.


  • Easy to sweep because of the fine sieve fraction
  • Provides nutrients over a longer period of time
  • Large fluid and nutrient buffer
  • Ripened organic substance with RHP certificate
  • Little oxygen extraction
  • Ideal basis for soil life
  • Ensures a healthy growth of trees for a longer period of time

Areas of application

  • Tree bunkers

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