Tree Granulate Grauwacke

boomgranulaat porfier

Average composition

Pore volume > 20%
CBR value at a procter density of 100% > 55%
Water permeability (Kf after compaction) > 1 mm/min.
One point procter density > 1775 kg/m3
Dry density at a density level of 97% 1841 kg/m3
Dry density of the stone fraction ca. 2625 kg/m3
Bulk density ca. 1700 kg/m3
Fraction 16-32 mm
bomengranulaat grauwacke

Tree granulate is specifically aimed at creating planting areas in heavily burdened situations, such as roads, cycling paths and car parks (traffic category 1 to 5). The tree granulate has a basis of Grauwacke-rubble and ripened clay. The product grows space for tree roots to develop in situations in which strict civil technological demands apply. This makes it possible to develop healthy trees in places where trees would otherwise not grow or would cause problems by causing rootdamage to the pavement. Grauwacke is a naturally broken sustainable stone and conforms to the prevailing environmental classification in accordance with Soil Quality Decree.


  • Proper water and air provision
  • Large pore volume
  • High capacity
  • Capillary function
  • In accordance with Soil Quality Decree
  • No demixing

Areas of application

  • Trees beds near heavily burdened roads
  • Planting space improvement for existing trees
  • Infratechnology

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