Tree granules Lava 16/32


Tree granules Lava 16/32 consists of granules of volcanic igneous rock. Because the evenness coefficient of the composition is very low, the product leaves plenty of space for the roots. During the solidification of the rock, a stone skeleton with hollow spaces is formed. These hollow spaces fill themselves with fertile soil and water. Tree granule is a very loose material with a lot of space for oxygen and water. When it rains, the water will easily seep through the soil. Some of this water will be absorbed by the hollow structure to be made available for the tree roots. The skeleton carries the pressure of the hardened surface, while allowing the roots to grow within the hollow spaces. In this way, large growing spaces can be created in small areas, such as roadsides. With these tree granules, trees will have an excellent place to grow with more than enough strength to support hardened surfaces. The lave is mined in carefully selected quarries.


  • Large water storage capacity
  • Very porous to allow oxygen to reach the roots
  • Good anchoring and healthy root growth of your tree
  • Good tree growth
  • Capillary action
  • Decreased lifting of surface by roots

Areas of application

  • Tree and plant sections
  • Suitable for medium burdened road foundations
  • Underneath parking spaces
  • Growth improvement of mature trees
  • Infratechnology

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