Lawn Compost (RHP)

bemeste tuinaarde

Lawn Compost is a stable and very fine compost that is produced on our RHP-location in accordance with the highest norms. Because of a proper ripening, the compost has a wonderful forest scent and nutrients for the lawn become available. Lawn Compost is slightly basic and consequently moss in the lawn has a less favourable environment to grow in. Moreover, the soil life will be stimulated and as such felt layers will be reduced.


  • Easy to rake because of the fine sieve fraction
  • Provides nutrients over a longer period of time
  • Large fluid and nutrient buffer
  • Guaranteed compost under RHP certification (from location Haps)
  • No increased oxygen drainage because of the use of stable organic substances
  • Ideal base for soil life which reduces the occurrence of a felt layer
  • Ensure the healthy growth of grass over a longer period of time

Areas of application

  • Lawns
  • Sports fields
  • Golf courts

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