Premium Topsoil

teelaarde den ouden
hoogwaardige teelaarde

Premium Topsoil (soil) is a good basis for your plant and improves the structure of the ground. The Topsoil has been composed with care and consists of soil material of minerals and organic soil. The Topsoil is still unfertilised and can, if necessary, be mixed with one of our compost products and/or fertilizers. Our Topsoil meets the requirements of RAW 2015 A1-B1-C1 and can be applied freely.


  • Improves the soil structure
  • Can be fertilised with various compost products
  • Free of pollutions
  • Various gradations possible

Areas of application

  • Infra technology
  • Culture technology
  • Lawn
  • Playgrounds
  • Decorative parks
  • Agriculture

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