Substrado® Dress soil

substrado dressgrond

Substrado® Dress soil is made from clean sharp sand from a sand pit. As such, the supporting power is maintained, also with long term use. The organic substance originates from garden peat and premium fine RHP-compost that stimulates a healthy soil life and provides nutrients over a longer period of time. By applying dress soil an optimal root formation of the grass is stimulated.


  • Good supporting power over the years
  • No compaction because of the correct grain proportion
  • Provides various nutrients to the soil
  • Large water absorbing capacity
  • Good provision and buffering of nutrients
  • Stimulates an optimal root formation of the grass
  • Guaranteed ripened organic substance because of the RHP-compost used
  • Ensures an ideally flat grass
  • Mixing proportions can be customised

Areas of application

  • Golf courts
  • Sports fields

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