Substrado® Potting Soil


Substrado® Potting Soil is the name of universal potting soil. The product is composed of various resources including peat, garden peat, perlite, compost and coconut grid. The product can be customised for you if necessary. Because of the special resources a lightweight substrate is created which contains nutrients throughout and can buffer much moisture. With processing it is recommended to press the product as little as possible.


  • Balanced supply of nutrients
  • Good capacity to absorb water
  • Increases the air level in the soil
  • Excellent application characteristics because of its light and airy structure

Areas of application

  • As growth medium in large pots
  • Additional soil for planting open soil plants in a pot
  • Soil improvement for flower beds
  • Soil improvement for planting hedges for a better and more uniform uptake

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