Substrado® Urban Garden

substrado stadstuin

Substrado® Urban Garden has been developed in collaboration with various urban farmers. The product is very suitable for elevated vegetable gardens and pots. This sustainable substrate is made of 100% renewable resources.
The white grains are puffed volcanic clay minerals renewed from horticulture. The pieces of wood and compost are made from trimming waste. Coconut grid comes from coconuts, etc. Eventually a substrate was created that is rich in nutrients and can buffer much water. Because of its rougher structure the substrate remains open longer. In the second year it is advisable to fertilise the top layer with for instance Substrado® Sludge fertilizer.


  • Lightweight substrate
  • High water absorbing capacity
  • Insulating function (also sound insulation)
  • Increases the soil fertility
  • Easy to use

Areas of application

  • Elevated vegetable gardens
  • Elevated borders
  • Planting sites where ground water is not supplied via capillary action

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