Concrete surface, Rilland

locatie rilland

Client: Parlevliet-Agro, Rilland

Construction period: 2014

In 2014, Den Ouden Contracting Firm paved a concrete surface on the premises of Parlevliet-Agro in Rilland. The concrete surface, covering 2,000m² and 20cm thick, was laid manually (concrete quality C35/45 XF4). The surface was lightly grooved. A drainage channel system was used to drain rainwater.

Evaluation by Jan Parlevliet

“The concrete surface meets all of my expectations. It is a visible improvement from the lime surface we had before. We chose a concrete surface because of its resiliency. It is not affected by the weather. It is also particularly suitable to carry point loads for long periods of time.  Another reason we chose concrete are its low maintenance requirements. The cooperation with Den Ouden went very  satisfactorily. Agreements were kept and the employees worked hard and were professional. Parlevliet-Agro values a business connection that is long-lasting and built on trust.”

The cooperation between Den Ouden and Parlevliet-Agro started several years ago. Our business connection started in 2009 with soil improvers. Since then, we have been able to do business in a pleasant way.

Parlevliet-Agro is a farming establishment cultivating arable crops. It has two branches, namely: Parlevliet-Agro Fredericapolder in Rilland and Parlevliet-Agro de Meijerij in Beinsdorp. In total, these branches cover 475 hectares, 380 hectares of which is arable land.