Construction of 18.000 m² concrete aircraft test facility - Eindhoven


Client:                                 Dutch Central Government:
                                            Real estate Company 
Implementation period:    2015-2017

A new aircraft testing facility for military planes has been constructed at the air base in Eindhoven. In addition to an open air concrete platform, this testing facility also has a high-walled platform. At this new location, the airforce can test the C-130 Hercules and KDC-10 planes,
for instance after servicing or repairs. According to the Ministry of Defence, this walled test site will cause less hindrance than the current one.

The construction had two phases. During the first phase (2015/2016), taxiways and the plateau were constructed, plus a twelve metre high sound wall north of the plateau. During the second phase (2017), the walled plateau was built. The work mainly consisted of applying a testing
facility with a slanted wall (embankment with concrete slabs). This slanted wall is intended to direct the ‘blast’ generated by the jet engines during test runs upward. The hardenings mainly consist of 18,000 m² cement concrete hardenings (incl. 7.5 km of joints) and prefab concrete

The work was carried out as a contracting consortium with Dura Vermeer.