Construction of 10.000m² concrete airplane platform - Dublin Airport

den ouden truck

Client:                                 BAM Ierland
Implementation period:     2017

For the purpose of an Apron (airplane platform) renovation at Dublin Airport, DEN OUDEN GROEP has applied 10,000 m² of high-quality concrete hardening. The work was completed to the full satisfaction of BAM Ireland and Dublin Airport Authority.

The structure consists of a non-reinforced concrete floor with a thickness of 425 mm and a concrete quality of C35/45 XF4 with the addition of 5% air. The joint pattern on the platform is based on 5.5 by 5.5 metres whereby the longitudinal joints are linked by a coupling rod with a
diameter of 20 mm centre-to-centre 600 mm. The cross joints feature dowels with a diameter of 40 mm centre-tocentre 375 mm. The concrete mortar was delivered from a central location and the concrete hardening was applied with our Wirtgen SP850 Vario slipform paver modified to
a width of 5.5 metres.