Replacing concrete platforms and taxi tracks - Gilze-Rijen air base

Referentie gilze rijen
Referentie gilze rijen

Client: Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
Implementation period: Spring 2018

At the Gilze Rijen Air Base, Alkali-silica, also known as 'concrete cancer', has been found in the concrete platforms 298 and 300, which were installed in 2006. In the Alkali silica process, a gel forms in the concrete. This gel pushes apart the concrete causing it to swell. The Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (RVB), in consultation with the DHC Air Force, the platform's user, decided for this reason to replace the affected concrete.

Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf has taken on this project and has carried out a number of operations, namely: removing the former concrete paving and large grid and adding new concrete paving with various joints and markings and finishing the roadsides.