Chip project streamline undyked Meuse

Chipproject Maas

Client:                               Peter van Daal Cultuurtechniek en     
                                          Groenvoorziening/Rijkswaterstaat Limburg
Implementation period:   2016-2017

The cooperation of engineering agency Arcadis, Peter van Daal Cultuurtechniek en Groenvoorziening, and DEN OUDEN GROEP is providing better protection against high water along the Meuse. To improve the flow of the Meuse in Limburg, the flood plains need to fill up more quickly in case of a flood.

During the (chipping) work, a large amount of pruning and log chips was released. DEN OUDEN GROEP has cascaded the wood from the work area as a raw material to deposit it as high in the chain as possible. The client is very pleased with the cooperation and the result.