Green waste from Gooi and Vechtstreek


Client:                                GAD
Implementation period:   2017-2018

The GAD (Raw Materials and Waste Service) Gooi and Vechtstreek, as waste processor for the cooperating municipalities of Blaricum, Laren, Gooise meren, Huizen, Wijdemeren, Weesp, and SBS Hilversum, has put the specification on the market to have their 14,000 tonnes of collective coarse green waste processed annually.

The municipalities have the choice of depositing green waste directly at DEN OUDEN GROEP or to have us collect it at the GAD Regional Station in Crailo. Furthermore, DEN OUDEN GROEP switches out the green waste containers on the environmental routes. Sorting of the green waste by the municipality is rewarded through a rate system.

In this work, DEN OUDEN GROEP excels in logistic flexibility and its central location, and DEN OUDEN GROEP delivers topsoil and tree substrates to municipalities that are mostly made of their own green waste. Furthermore, DEN OUDEN GROEP demonstrates that the biomass that is made reduces the necessary tonnes of CO2 compared to fossil fuels. Finally, DEN OUDEN GROEP also provides a place for people with a distance to the labour market, a form of social return that is a standard part of our company.